The one thing that your videos need WAY more of

When a lot of video creators get started, they wonder why after creating several videos their content isn’t getting a lot of views, shares, comments, subscribers, etc.

I think there might be something missing.​​

Yeah, you’re sharing great information. You have pretty interesting content that people are searching for. But there’s that special awesome sauce that we need more of… and the main ingredient is YOU.

A lot of video presenters forget to add something personal to their videos. This is important because people can find an abundance of information on the internet — even right on YouTube there’s a ton of content similar to yours. I know, I’m sorry, it’s true — YouTube is saturated with information just like yours. What differentiates your video content from others is the unique way you deliver it. A big part of this, even if it just takes up a small amount of time, is adding some of your personality or something personal to your videos. 

Take a look at the videos you’ve created so far. Did you add something for your audience about you?

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