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How I set my online courses up on my own

How I set my online courses up on my own

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Equipment for Audio Video Media Creation

Ever wish you could just check out what your favorite video creators use? Well, I can at least share with you what I use!


Neewer ring lights and stands. Without a doubt, a game changer for my production quality. I have two of these that I position on either side of me when I do any and all video recording. I used to gather all the lamps in my apartment (including my roommates’) but trust me this is much better, easier, and doesn’t make any roommates upset. Worth the investment. Just don’t try to travel with them, because I blew out a light when I tried to plug it in a foreign socket in Vietnam.


Canon 70D


The first piece of equipment I highly recommend investing in is a Rode lapel (lavalier) microphone and extension cable. The first thing you should buy if you have any money to invest in your audio/video production is a good microphone. It makes a huge difference when your students can listen to you without the pain of echoing, wind, buzzing, hissing, or background noise! I use Rode mic after having tested several microphones. This has been the best and works well for not only making YouTube videos, but also when I do Facebook Live, Webinars, etc. and works with both my iPhone, laptop and Canon camera.

Here’s a lower priced lapel / lavalier microphone by Audio Technica that I used for a couple of years before upgrading. It’s a step up from no microphone and a great starter.

If you want to be able to move more than two feet away from your camera, then you’ll need the extension cable.

If you’re going to have two people speak on camera, get this splitter and two rode lapel / lavalier microphones. This set up is great for video recorded interviews or showing dialogues between two people.


For travel or for light use to record in settings where I’m sitting, I use this lightweight, affordable tripod.

For situations where I am standing, I use this professional tripod. I think the value is good for the size and durability, but if it’s a little more than you want to spend, you could always put the travel tripod (above) on top of a table.

For Facebook live, or recording on a table top, I use this small tripod with my iphone.

For on the go live or recorded videos I use a selfie stick and my iPhone.

YouTube Channel Management Tool 

TubeBuddy  is a tool that helps me manage my YouTube channels and optimize my videos. It’s my secret weapon and I highly recommend it. It makes everything easier, whether you’re doing the work yourself or have hired an assistant. My favorite features (there are a lot) are being able to create video thumbnails (covers) right on YouTube, directly order captions and have them automatically uploaded, bulk copying cards and annotations, and one-click sharing to Facebook.

Website Tools

When I started out online I didn’t realize that a domain name and hosting service were different. I really wasn’t a tech person! So I prefer to keep things simple. Blue Host is the best hosting provider I have come across. They have great customer service and are easy to use.

Siteground hosting is another good option.

As for a theme, I love using the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes. It’s easy to use and mobile friendly.

SendOwl is all-around my favorite shopping cart, delivery and affiliate center. When other affiliate programs were too difficult for me to implement myself, SendOwl came to the rescue. It took me years to try all the others and figure this out, so I recommend saving yourself time and starting here.

I only recommend items that I have used and recommend. The links here are affiliate links.

For Location-Independent Americans…

If your ability to work from anywhere leads you to a life abroad, don’t forget to get help filing your taxes! I’ve had a great experience with GreenBack Tax Services. They specialize in taxes for expats, including location-independent entrepreneurs or digital nomads who spend a lot of time abroad.