My Free Content Marketing Creation Blueprint

When I was starting out with teaching English online, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on marketing. So I created my BROKE content marketing method. It’s a reusable, free-to-implement blueprint for getting your best content out there and attracting your best students.

Here it is:

(K) Converse
Extend an offer

This is the basic cycle that I follow every time I am creating free promotional content for marketing purposes or paid content for courses to serve my audience. It works for me. I think it can work for you too.


Brainstorm means that you use the resources at your fingertips to think of what you should create. Use your experience, remember all those questions that your students often ask you, and take a look around online in forums for common questions that you might answer in your content.

Record is pretty self-explanatory. Get your equipment out and make a video, audio, and/or a blog post to share your knowledge with the world!

Outreach means reach out, but I needed an “O” to make a good acronym. After you have created something you need to promote it. Share your content with your current students, clients, or anyone who you think will want to listen. Share via email, social media, or even text message or however you normally communicate.

Converse. As you can see, the acronym is not “BRO.” It doesn’t stop with promoting your free content. This is the pivoting, important point — converse with your audience. Your audience could be just a handful of people or thousands, but size doesn’t really matter here. The important thing is to ask people for their feedback and what they are still having trouble with after watching your free content. Then you’ll start getting an idea of what to extend as an offer in the last step of the cycle.

Extend an offer. Once you can zero in on a challenge you can help people with on a deeper level in a paid course or coaching, write up an offer and ask for the sale. This could be a sales page on your website, a post on Facebook, or an email. It doesn’t have to be fancy. The important part is that you let people know your offer clearly, what they can expect, and the price you’re asking.

This is the end of the cycle. Now it’s time to go back and start from the beginning on a new iteration of your free and/or paid content. Keep fine tuning your content and offers with my BROKE method and I am confident this will help you grow your business.