How to Focus and Get Stuff Done – 5 Tips to Use Now

In the age of Facebook, where the average person checks social media and their text messages relentlessly, what kinds of tricks can we use to stay focused?

Ironically, a friend of mine asked me this question in a Facebook message the other day. Thanks, Vernon. Here’s the low-down on what I told him:

1) Plan to focus primarily on one major project per month. Make each month 99% about one goal. When you feel yourself drifting off to work on something else, remind yourself that project will get your focus next month. Make sure you are clear about your priorities so that when temptations come up that will take your time, you can make the best decision for you.

2) Set SMART Goals. Make sure they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable, Timely.

3) Break down your goals into the smallest possible action items. Add those items to specific days & times on your online calendar. I use Google Calendar, but there are other options. Stay accountable to your schedule and know what you absolutely must get done each day.

4) For projects with deadlines, block off time to work intensely on creating and fulfilling the requirements for that deadline.

5) For goals that work better with daily habits, make daily rituals that you do as soon as you wake up. Use triggers like “I don’t shower until I work out.” And you have to shower, so you have to work out.

I hope those ideas help. Please tell me in the comments how you focus all your creative energy and good ideas to get things done!


Photo Credit: Canon in 2D