How I Got Started on YouTube (the untold story)

Hello friend,

How are you doing? I want to share a little background story with you, and hopefully you’ll find it funny or interesting or maybe even inspiring…

Most of the time, I never talk about the first time I actually used YouTube as a creator. The first time I ever posted on YouTube wasn’t on my English learning channel. It was on under another channel name (Genki Gabi) and I posted a couple of videos I made during my first experience teaching abroad in Japan in 2005. One of the videos shows lunchtime at the high school where I was an Assistant Language Teacher, and the other video shows scenes from the “Naked Festival” (No, not really naked, but almost! And NO I am not in it, I am BEHIND the camera for both of these videos!).

It was just an experiment and I never did anything else with that channel, but it introduced me to using YouTube. Six years later, I felt comfortable enough to post my English learning videos on a new channel — Go Natural English.

When I posted my very very first videos on YouTube, it was just for fun. When I posted my first English tutorials for Go Natural English, it was just to help my classroom students. I learned as I went, and the dots sure connected into something much bigger than I could’ve ever imagined back in 2005.

As Steve Jobs said in his famous speech at Stanford (one of my favorites), you have to believe the dots will connect. ​​

So, what’s my point? Well, I would like to encourage you to just keep trying new technologies, keep creating, invest in your education and training, and believe in yourself and that the dots will connect.

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Talk to you soon,