Online Courses

How to Create Online Quizzes for Teaching and Marketing

Have you ever taken a quiz in school? Have you ever taken a quiz via Facebook that asked for your email at the end? Of course, the answer is probably yes to both. So, as you know, you can use quizzes both for teaching and for marketing! Quizzes are a great way to check a…

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The one thing that your videos need WAY more of

When a lot of video creators get started, they wonder why after creating several videos their content isn’t getting a lot of views, shares, comments, subscribers, etc. I think there might be something missing.​​ Yeah, you’re sharing great information. You have pretty interesting content that people are searching for. But there’s that special awesome sauce…

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YouTube Director Program Review

YouTube Reaches out to Small Businesses with New Director On-Site The night before my presentation on YouTube marketing for an entrepreneur conference, I Googled “YouTube” to see if there was anything new and noteworthy to tell my audience. That was mid-June and YouTube had just officially released this newest program to support video creators. I honestly…

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