Language Learning

Why I Started An Online English Teaching Business

I wanted to live in Brazil but didn’t know how to make it work. That frustration led me to create an online teaching business that now allows me to live my dream life, spend half the year in Brazil, or live anywhere in the world with a consistent income. Let me tell you how it…

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Review of Why Spanish is Easy by Benny Lewis

Speaking Spanish is one of the great loves of my life, even though I could only enjoy fluency after years of frustration. It’s the same experience Benny Lewis describes in his guide Why Spanish is Easy. Benny writes like a cool TA I wish I had had in my university Spanish classes. He tosses the…

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How to Focus and Get Stuff Done – 5 Tips to Use Now

In the age of Facebook, where the average person checks social media and their text messages relentlessly, what kinds of tricks can we use to stay focused? Ironically, a friend of mine asked me this question in a Facebook message the other day. Thanks, Vernon. Here’s the low-down on what I told him: 1) Plan…

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