A Simple Way to Create More from Your YouTube Videos

My goal is always to work smarter, not just harder (although I also work hard!)​​. So when I figured out that I could do this quick thing that would help me grow my audience, I thought, “Why not?!”

​​With an extra 2 minutes of effort you can get more exposure by adding your content to another platform.

The idea is simple — you’ve made content once, but you don’t have to just post it to one platform! YouTube is my favorite, but not my only love!​​ ​​It’s worth it to reach people who prefer a different format that’s even more mobile, and accessible in places YouTube may not be.

I’m talking about recycling video content into a podcast. There are many ways to recycle content, but let’s focus on just one today. Now, you can post a video podcast, but I find that many people still prefer audio-only podcasts, so I do that.

I simply take the audio from my videos and post that online as a podcast. It’s super simple. No, it’s not the perfectly optimized podcast, but it works for now. And that’s what’s most important — taking fast, effective action to reach people online.
My podcast gets about 10% of the downloads as my YouTube videos, but that’s still tens of thousands per month for just a couple of minutes extra effort!

The cost and effort of running a podcast is pretty minimal. When you consider the effort you put into the video content you create, why wouldn’t you want to get twice the mileage out of it?

If you’d like to learn more about recycling your content and creating a marketing funnel with it, consider applying for my Master Class. It’s a 4-week long intensive master-mind like class for people like you who want to accelerate their online business through video.

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