3 Essential Mindset Shifts for Video in My Online Teaching Business

Can I share 3 of my biggest problems relating to video creation and online business?

​​OK, here we go.. this is going to get kind of personal.


I used to get really hung up on getting everything just right.

​​Why? I used to think YouTube was just like TV and I held myself up to that standard of production. Clearly I didn’t hold myself to that, or I may have never released a single video.

Shift 1: Stop holding yourself up to an unrealistic, unnecessary standard.

I still worry about pleasing and helping everyone, and really hope not to make anyone upset.

​​But then I remember that my platform is on the internet and there is some percentage of people on the internet that will always be… special.

Shift 2: Don’t worry so much about what everyone thinks. Speak to that 1 student you want to help.

I spent months thinking about how to create the perfect method, message, and lessons that would be totally unique.

​​I was worried about being accused of copying others, and wanted to be totally special. What I didn’t realize is that the result of my unique teaching experience plus my in-depth study as part of a Masters in Education, plus years of research into personal interests, travel, and my own learning style, my own teaching style, and the way I interpret the world was more than enough to be unique. Information is information. I didn’t reinvent the English language by teaching it. I simply expressed my own take on it, and that has resonated widely.

Shift 3: Stop trying to be totally different and unique. Simply interpret your subject through your own lens with integrity and you’ll be great.