Hello Video Rockstars,


I’m sending a super quick blog today.  I hear people talking about not mixing social media platforms like they are combustible chemicals that should never mingle.  Don’t listen to the naysayers.    I have successfully used several platforms and have found that for optimization, YouTube and Facebook play very well together, and I want to give you some tactics that will help seamlessly connect your two main social media platforms.


I’ll do a deep dive in some of these powerful marketing tactics in my upcoming (what I wish someone taught me when I want to take my business to the next level using video marketing) course.  But in the meantime, I had to get the high level strategy to you. Employ this one trick and you will be super optimized.


Follow these tactics and see the magic of leveraging two powerful, social media platforms.


Build both your FB Page and YouTube Channel

From a Facebook business page, you can link directly from the promotions tab to “watch videos” and link to your YouTube channel and vice versa. Find out how to add a YouTube tab to your Facebook page by searching for “YouTube for Pages” on Facebook. On YouTube, sign into your channel and go to your “About” page. You’ll see an option to add links to your about page at the bottom. 


Post YouTube Videos on Facebook

Upload all your YouTube videos directly to your Facebook page and/or group.


TubeBuddy is a paid app that does this with one click, saving you time.


Share the YouTube love in Facebook Groups

Share your videos (in a helpful, non-spammy way) in related groups to gain more traction.


Build your playlist through FB Live Recordings

Post Recorded Facebook Live Videos on your YouTube Channel


The possibilities are endless.  Think strategically about integrating two (no more than three) social media platforms. Do the work once and spread the love.  I’ve found YouTube and Facebook to be good working buddies.


Have you streamlined your social media optimization plan?  What is working in your business?


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In the meantime, join us in the private Facebook page where I share  behind the scenes tips, tricks and tactics on video marketing strategies. Don’t try to figure this out on your own. Let me and the collective knowledge of like minded entrepreneurs show you what’s working online.