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The Rental Income Bootcamp

The Rental Income Bootcamp is for beginner investors to learn how to find, analyze & buy rentals at 10%+ return on investment in 10 weeks.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it… I’m here to de-mystify real estate investing and how to do it successfully, even if:

  • You don’t come from a real estate background, don’t know anyone who invests in real estate and have never owned property 
  • You are doing this alone, without a partner or team
  • You aren’t sure where to get started, and don’t have much time to try to figure everything out on your own

Let's bust some common myths...

  • There are no good deals nowadays
  • It’s a bad time to invest due to interest rates
  • Any good deals are snapped up by the “big guys”
  • It’s impossible to invest if you live in a high cost of living area
  • It’s impossible to buy without a huge downpayment

NO, NO, NO, NO and NO.

These are the MYTHS that are keeping you “poor” and making others rich. Did you know that your brain is trained to look for information that confirms your biases? So, open your mind and let me show you how to open the doors to opportunity.

This is for you if...

  • You’ve read real estate investing books and blogs, but still feel stuck in your head and not sure where to start
  • Are afraid to make costly mistakes and know how valuable a mentor and peer support could be
  • You know you should invest in real estate for the many advantages, and don’t want to waste more time

How to Join

Option 1: Pay in Full

One-time payment = best value
$ 2,497 one-time
  • 10-week bootcamp program
  • Weekly recorded Q&A calls
  • Bonus: Team Building Cheat Sheet (only when you pay in full)

Option 2: $997/mo for 3 months

Spread out your payments to fit your budget
$ 997 Monthly for 3 months
  • 10-week bootcamp program
  • Weekly recorded Q&A calls

Get ready to start our next session October 9, 2023