Leverage your skills to build a solid work-from-anywhere business as an online teacher

Now you can learn the exact methods & skills I used to build a thriving at-home business that led to a full-time income as an online teacher.

The Laptop Teacher Pilot Program

is the first ever 30-day course of action specifically designed to train online teachers.

Incredibly thorough, well-planned, and rigorous, the LT training program will walk you through 4 modules and 40+ units of strategy and practical assignments designed to build your toolkit for a freelance career or your own online business as an online teacher. 

It is currently the only structured, interactive and action-oriented training program in online teaching, including creating your first product, available, and it provides a Certificate of Completion.

The ​real measure of success in this course your ability to launch your first online product or course.

Therefore​, my promise to you is that you will know how to the formula to launch your first educational product by the time this program is complete. This is covered by a 100% guarantee.

With the help of my course, all kinds of people all over the world have been able to earn extra income from home using their talent for teaching

Some have even been able to quit their full-time jobs.​

People like:

  • Stay at home moms and dads
  • Retirees who love to travel
  • Teachers, tutors, coaches and educators looking for consistent extra income
  • College students or grads looking to earn extra income
  • Independent teachers who market their services better for more income
  • Online Skype-based teachers who create their first digital product

... are all given the exact roadmap to CREATE, BUILD, and GROW a solid online teaching business.

I loved the support and tailored help I got from Gabby on this course. It really gave me what I needed which was a step-by-step handheld guide to creating my first teaching course online. I've tried similar courses but none were so specific to my needs. I'm so pleased I did Gabby's course, my mailing list has doubled and my youtube channel has more than quadrupled since using all the tips on her course. Thank you, Gabby!

Rebecca V.
Love Learning English Founder                 

When you teach online you can work from anywhere -- the comfort of your home, your couch or in a hotel in an exotic location. The freedom of location and opportunity for earnings is difficult to match in regular teaching jobs (or in any other career!)

There are no...

  • Business hours
  • Nagging bosses
  • Long commutes
  • Vacation request

... when you teach online.

Unlike many other online teaching training programs, you will learn how to create and market your first product for passive income, so you can generate income while you sleep.

The Laptop Teacher Program was created using my own six years of experience as a successful online teaching business owner along with actual feedback from online teachers I have personally coached in their businesses.

​From choosing your niche, to marketing, to pricing, to creating your ideal service and product offer, I cover all the essentials of starting your online teaching career. 

​The success of Go Natural English, my online English teaching business, is the blueprint of the course.

Each year in my online teaching business I have doubled its revenue, and in one week alone it generated over $60,000 -- all while working part-time, an average of 20 hours per week.

During the years I've generated a full-time income with Go Natural English, I've taken several months to travel the world each year.​

​What you'll learn in the course is about working smarter (not harder), with proven strategies. 

Inside the course you get the benefit of what I've learned from masterminding with many other very successful online teachers and entrepreneurs, from countless trainings and business coaching sessions, and specialized intensive training.

All the experience, knowledge and learnings that have come from my experience and education are condensed into this course -- no secrets held back.

How the Laptop Teacher Pilot Program Works 

This program is designed to be practical, actionable, and supportive for English tutors and teachers who are motivated to grow their online business fast.

The course begins on Monday, January 23, 2017. You have 30 days of guided coursework and coaching. You have access to course materials forever to return and reference everything you've learned.

Here is an overview of what you will experience inside the program.

1) Goal setting and mapping

Customize the course to you and your goals. Every step in the course will directly apply.​

2) Course materials 

Learn with instructional videos including clear theory and practical how-to tutorials. ​

3) Action assignments 

Like ​having a blueprint for your business, you get checklists and suggested challenges to complete.

4) Accountability

​You'll take more action and get things done faster with our accountability system.

Each week of the program will focus on thoroughly answering and attacking one specific essential question in your teaching business.

1) Who is your ideal student?

Learn why most teachers make a big mistake and attract the wrong students, and how you can identify your ideal client.

2) How do I find my ideal students?

​Learn the art of classy content marketing, which attracts ideal students and keeps them coming back.

3) What service and product should I sell?

Most online teachers stop at 1-on-1 live tutoring. We will design your first online infoproduct for passive income.​

4) How can I effectively price and sell?

​In a sea of online teachers, positioning is everything. Craft an irresistible offer specific to your audience.

What is included and value

  • Course materials ($1,600)

  • Closed FB membership Group ($400)

  • Package of 3 1-hour coaching calls with Gabby ($900)

  • 12 Creative, Innovative (and Unforgettable) #LaptopTeacher Challenges ($200)

  • A 2-part video on Creating Video Even When You Don’t Have the Time ($100)

  • How to Promote Videos on YouTube for Maximum Exposure ($100)

    The Program Value is over ​$3,300 --> Actual program cost is a small fraction of that at 4 weekly payments of $397 or one payment of $1,500 

I decided to get coaching from Gabby. And what a great decision it was!! Rather than spending months (or years) figuring out what works and what doesn't work, she provided invaluable advice and guidance for me to create my first online ESL course. The accountability and encouragement she gave me helped me launch my paid course much earlier than I had expected, and I feel so much more confident and comfortable publishing and marketing it than I would have done without her coaching. I've learned much more about video marketing and course production than I could have imagined over this past month with Gabby and it is already clear that her coaching has been an extremely wise investment!

Greg Pioli 
Online Language Academy


We are confident you'll love the course. We don't hold back any secrets, but it's up to you to do the work.

Our promise: Take the course, do the work, and if you don't find it helpful simply ask for a refund. We guarantee our courses with a 100% refund policy. 

This course is NOT for...

  • If you are not serious about building a source of income from teaching online
  • If you are not willing to take action on the goals that you set forth
  • If you are not in a financial position to invest in the training
  • If you will come up with excuses why this won't work for you, without trying


  • If you are serious about building a source of income from teaching online
  • If you are ready to be accountable and take action to make your dreams happen
  • If you are able to invest in your own knowledge to improve your life
  • If you are ready to try new things and willing to go outside your comfort zone <-- that's where the magic happens!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to take this course?

You need an internet connection and motivation.

This course is intended for people who have some teaching experience and know what subject they want to teach online.

It is not necessary to already have a teaching business.

This course is not about how to teach your subject. It is about how to make a business out of a subject you already can tutor or teach.

Can I take this course later? When are you offering this course again?

I'm totally focused on making it a great experience for current participants. I don't know when I'll be able to offer the Laptop Teacher Program again.

Does this course only help teachers of a specifc subject?

Many of our participants are language teachers. However, the theory and practice applies to all subjects.

Why is it so expensive?

This is not meant to be an expensive program. Rather, it is meant to be an expansive program that will expand your online teaching business to the next level.

My main focus in life before, during and even after the program is the success of course participants. The price reflects personalized coaching time and the expertise that I openly share.

I don't know if I have enough time to commit to it.

The minimum amount of time per day that I suggest dedicating to the program is 1.5 hours, which does not need to be one solid chunk of time. If you can do more, you'll probably see even better results. After the 30-day program officially ends, you have lifetime access to course materials and can follow up with to-do's on your own time.

How is it different (and better) than other programs out there?
Good question! This is the only 30-day intensive online teaching business program. It is different than other online business programs that are more general, but don't show you step-by-step how to specifically grow your teaching business.

Other programs will leave you wondering about how to build your student audience, choose your teaching niche, find your students, and create your best product offer for your students.

This program is best suited for you if you already have some online teaching experience (maybe through a company), and are motivated to be recognized as an expert in your field, create your own business, and see more income.