“What were the best things I have spent money on?” 

Definitely many of my best purchases were tickets to conferences where I could learn about building an online business and meet other like-minded online business owners.

I’ve curated a list of the conferences I’m most excited about for 2017, some that I’ve been to before, some that I want to go to, and some I’m speaking at!

Here’s to investing in experiences, self-education and connections with people!

Conferences I’ve Attended Before and Personally Recommend from Experience

World Domination Summit

Why: Back in 2014 this was actually my first splurge on a conference! I wish I hadn’t waited so long to start buying tickets to events like this. WDS is chock-full of interesting, progressive people and I would highly recommend it if you want to build your network and get inspired to, well, dominate.

It’s sometime in July in Portland, Oregon. Read my blog post I wrote after attending.

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Agents of Change

Why: I went to AC in 2015 mostly because I wanted to hang out with some of the presenters. It is a small size conference that makes it easy to chat with presenters and attendees. The afterparty was fun too!

It’s sometime in September in Portland, Maine.

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Podcast Movement

Why: I went to the first PM in 2014 because I used to run a successful podcast for English learners and wanted to meet others interested in that medium. It was a great opportunity to meet other creators at all stages of podcasting.

It’s in California in August 2017.

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Why: Full disclosure this is a gigantic, enormous, overwhelming mecca for all the startups… ever. I went in Lisbon in late 2016 and would go again but with a better game plan to meet specific people among the chaos… and basically pack my backpack as if I were going camping because it takes a lot to get around the venue. Good if you want to meet tech startups and enjoy crowds.

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Dynamite Circle 

Why: Great community of location-independent entrepreneurs. I’ve presented several times at several of their conferences and been interviewed on their podcast. You’ll meet an interesting array of people, running various businesses all online.

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DNX – Digital Nomad Conference

Why: Definitely the conference for meeting other travel-while-you-work enthusiasts. Adventurous and interesting attendees from many different countries, mostly around Europe. I enjoyed the speakers, the crowd and the format.

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Invincible Startup Conference

Why: I was honored to speak here for their inaugural conference in 2016 on Building a Business using YouTube. It was a great, intimate crowd of diverse business owners. All very good, quality attendees and excellent speakers (if I do say so myself). Go if you prefer a smaller, high-quality conference!

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Conference I’m Already Booked to Speak At – Super Exciting!

Social Media Marketing World

This is a huge conference for social media marketing — all the best speakers on the forefront of everything that you could want to learn about social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Live Video, content marketing in the form of blogs, podcasts, vlogs, YouTube, and email marketing, and much, much more. Takes place in beautiful San Diego in March.

Bottom line: If you want to go to THE social media marketing industry event in 2017, where you can learn it all in one place, AND SEE ME SPEAK don’t miss this one! I’m speaking here!!! Click here to learn more



Honorable Mentions — Conferences I Have Not Attended but Want to!

7 in 7 

This is a small conference for freelancers and online small business owners who travel, known as digital nomads. The conference will take place in all 7 continents over 7 years. The location for 2017 is in one of my favorite cities — Barcelona, in October.

Why consider it: If you’re creating an online business for ultimate flexibility and freedom in your schedule, and you enjoy smaller conferences where you can meet everyone. Click here to learn more


Why: Huge, popular conference for online marketing.

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Social Media Week

Why: Interesting multi-city event showcasing cutting edge strategies in social media marketing.

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Why: I heard it’s good for online marketing.

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Digital Summit 

Why: A multi-city event taking place on different dates with great headliner speakers.

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Why: For the ladies who blog.

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Traffic and Conversion

Why: If you’re a hard-core marketing nerd (yes!!!).

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Why: If you are a video creator. Seems like more of a fan conference and less of a marketing conference, but interesting nonetheless! I’m sure you could learn a lot by rubbing shoulders with popular creators.

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