Tired of dancing around trying to figure out what works?

Here’s a chance to get informed and focused on your online business presence.

For the last several months I’ve decided to focus on growing my YouTube channel and online business so that I could be a better example to share with you!

In fact, looking back to a year ago I had about 160k subscribers and now my channel is nearing 400k. That’s more than 2x growth in a year. But it would be a mistake to focus on subscribers only. I have been working on the online courses part of my business too.

What I’ve learned recently is that even YouTubers with seemingly big, successful channels are literally struggling to pay their rent.

Over and over people have asked me, “Do subscribers equal the amount of money YouTube pays you?”


So, even successful YouTubers with massive followings still struggle financially because they have ignored building their own business in partnership with YouTube, but off of YouTube.

It’s more important to be running a successful business than to be popular online. I can tell you that for the last 3 years, Go Natural English has consistently been a successful business. It has allowed me to become financially stable, buy a house, travel the world, and not worry about money like I used to. It’s possible for you, too.

The funny thing is, during this time “off” from being a YouTube expert, people noticed my growth and I got several invitations to give formal presentations about how to grow your numbers on YouTube.

Things change quickly and I want to share what is working now with you.

I’m always looking for opportunities to collaborate, not compete. Here’s an invitation to collaborate in a coaching program with me, guest speakers, and other like-minded participants.

I am opening a coaching program to create an opportunity to share what works. I genuinely want good people to succeed and believe there is more than enough opportunity to go around. If you join the program, I’ll help you with accountability, feedback, focusing on one thing at a time, and you’ll be able to get the benefits of meeting a small community of other like-minded online business owners.

I only offer this once a year.

Unlike some other coaches, when I’m not coaching, I am actually doing the things I teach.

The limit is 10 seats.

I do not offer a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter approach.


About the program

Coaching topics: 

YouTube, Facebook, digital informational products and sales, building a location-independent online business


Who this is for:

If you are shifting from an “in-real-life” business to online…

If you have started to create online content…

Even if you already have a significant following already…

But are lacking confidence in online marketing and sales…

Not seeing the results you want…

Feeling a bit lost, lacking focus, or even lonely working on your own…

And ready to get the support you need to take action, then this coaching program could be a good fit for you.


Who it’s NOT for:

If you aren’t ready to take action, or to build an online presence, or to make money with a purpose, or do not have the money to invest in coaching, please wait to sign up until you’re ready.



Coaching starts the first week of October. Individual and group calls happen on one day of the week that we decide on, and we’ll keep a consistent day and time throughout the program as much as possible.

Because learning, implementation and results take some time (even in the fast-paced world of internet marketing), I highly suggest that you commit to coaching for 6 months.

We will look at your year-long goals, 6-month goals, month goals, and focus on one main goal per month. Most entrepreneurs are super creative and want to do all the things all at once, but real results are found through focusing on one thing at a time.


You get:

Weekly 1-to-1 call with me (30 mins)

Weekly group calls featuring online marketing & course sales expert guests (60 mins)

Private Facebook group and messenger for anytime questions & support

Bonus: Recordings and/or slides of ALL exclusive business & YouTube presentations I have given in the recent past (save lots in conference fees!)

Bonus: Access to my 7 Days to Be Seen on YouTube video course  ($97) and Laptop Teacher program video presentations ($1,000)  about online branding, product development, YouTube and more

Bonus: Access to / introductions to my network of online entrepreneur experts

Bonus: Cross-promotion and collaborations with our group and me as it makes sense to do so



My promise: When I offer coaching, you become my #1 priority. I give you my and my expert guests’ superpowers, including a huge amount of motivation, support, accountability, knowledge from my own business and YouTube channel, the right learning materials and action items for you. I dig deep into your business, and expect all participants to help each other. That’s why I am limiting the number of participants to 10, and only those who are ready to focus and take action.

I can not promise that you’ll make a specific amount of money from this program. However, I can promise that our guest speakers and I will help you with your goals, being completely transparent about how we’ve built successful, lucrative, location-independent online businesses.  It is for you if you’re ambitious and want to put some hustle in your online business in order to take more smart, informed action on your goals than ever before.

Unlike other coaching programs, I am not requiring a huge year-long contract or high up-front fees. Simply pay month-to-month and if for some reason you aren’t feeling it is a good fit, you can cancel anytime without cancelation fees or stink eye.

NO long-term commitment

NO high up-front payment

NO pressure tactics

NO cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all advice


How to join

Month-by-Month for $600

The investment to participate in coaching is $600 per month.

Click here to reserve your seat for one month.


6-Month Action-Takers Special

If you are ready to commit for 6 months, I would like to thank you for that commitment to action with one free month.

Click here to reserve a seat for 6 months for the price of 5. (Save $600)


The deadline is October 1 or when the 10 seats are full!

Please note that I can only guarantee these prices until the next coaching start date, October 2, 2017. If any spots open in the future, the price will increase.


What people are saying


 I loved the support and tailored help I got from Gabby on this course. It really gave me what I needed which was a step-by-step handheld guide to creating my first teaching course online. I’ve tried similar courses but none were so specific to my needs. I’m so pleased I did Gabby’s course, my mailing list has doubled and my youtube channel has more than quadrupled since using all the tips on her course. Thank you, Gabby!
Rebecca Vaughan

I decided to get coaching from Gabby as I really wanted to set off on the right foot with my new YouTube channel. And what a great decision it was!!
Gabby’s advice for optimising my channel and video production was invaluable. Rather than spending months (or years) figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, I feel like I now have a headstart to make a real go of my channel, and I am already beginning to see the results!
She also provided invaluable advice and guidance for me to create my first online ESL course. The accountability and encouragement she gave me helped me launch my paid course much earlier than I had expected, and I feel so much more confident and comfortable publishing and marketing it than I would have done without her coaching. 
I’ve learned much more about video marketing and course production than I could have imagined over this past month with Gabby and it is already clear that her coaching has been an extremely wise investment! 
Greg Pioli


















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