Hi. Nice to Meet You.


I believe in collaboration, not competition. Instead of having a fearful (“Are you going to steal my idea?”) scarcity mindset, I think ideas and energy are meant to be shared.

I don’t promise to make you a viral video star or rich overnight, even if you put all the cute dancing babies and puppies in all your videos.

I do promise to share video marketing strategies that have given me time & location freedom, a channel for my creativity, the freedom to partner with charity (and to give away thousands of dollars to help disadvantaged youth get education), and the freedom to feel fulfilled in what I do.

I give away 95% of my content for free on this site, on my email list, my YouTube channel, my free Visionary Video Creators Facebook group, and in my interviews and speaking.


I know you have a lot of choices about who you read, so if you’re curious to know more, here’s a little about me.

I went from English as a Second Language classroom teacher to popular YouTuber, TEDx Speaker and Business Owner.

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