Put down your egg nog and get out your journals! The last month of the year is a great time to review how things went, see what you learned, and make some informed, exciting plans for the new year!

I’ve made a list of 103 questions as prompts to get us woke for 2017. These questions are from various sources on the web, from books, and from me. Last year I tried a spreadsheet form, but I find free-flowing writing to work much better for me. I spend several days answering these, coming back and revising them, so I use a Google Doc because it’s easy to edit. After my answers feel complete, I write up action items based on what I learned from my answers. I also download my final answers and save them in Dropbox. The action items could be then entered onto my calendar, or kept in a general to-do list, or both! It’s important to answer the questions for mindful living, and even better to take action on the things you learn about yourself and the way you’re living!

Answer all or just the ones that really speak to you and your situation. Some of them are specific to entrepreneurs, but 99% are good for all.

Here’s to conscious living and our best year ever in 2017!

  1. What am I most proud of from the year?
  2. What grades do I give myself in — health, fitness, finances, spirituality, relationships, mental/emotional state, learning, professional development, fun?
  3. What made me really angry this year? Is that something I could think of a solution for, or lend my time or money to solve?
  4. When was I the happiest this year?
  5. What did I learn?
  6. Where do I feel I failed?
  7. What did I do differently than before?
  8. What didn’t go so well?
  9. What went well?
  10. What values did I live with?
  11. What values need work?
  12. What did I spend a ridiculous amount of money on? How could I “scratch my own itch” and provide it for myself cheaper?
  13. What would I do/have/be if I had 10 million dollars?
  14. What was my real target monthly income? Did I achieve that?
  15. If I could only work 2 hours a week in my business, what would I do?
  16. How could I automate the things in my life more that are constant?
  17. What story did I tell others about my life through social media? What story do I tell myself about what happened in 2016?
  18. What problems have come up in 2016? What am I worried about? What is taking up the most mental space?
  19. What can I remove from life, business, website to solve problems?
  20. What would this look like if it were easy?
  21. How can I spend (waste) money to solve the problem?
  22. What was the stupidest thing I did? What did I learn from it?
  23. What was the smartest thing I did? What did I learn from it?
  24. What do I need to put in place for me to go off the grid for 4 weeks?
  25. Am I chasing field mice or hunting antelopes?
  26. Is everything fine and complete as it is?
  27. What did I accomplish?
  28. What did I complete?
  29. What still feels incomplete?
  30. What were the most significant events of the year?
  31. What fun things did I do?
  32. What did I think was going to be fun but wasn’t? Why?
  33. What were my biggest challenges?
  34. What would I have done differently? Why?
  35. How am I different now than in 2015?
  36. What am I especially grateful for?
  37. Best books I read?
  38. What were the biggest time wasters?
  39. What was the best use of time?
  40. 3 words to describe the year.
  41. A phrase or motto to describe the year.
  42. Where am I feeling stuck? Why?
  43. Did I get stuck because of fear of failure? Self-doubt?
  44. Am I passionate about my career?
  45. How did I spend my free time?
  46. How can I re-structure my time?
  47. When have I felt the most alive?
  48. How have I taught others to respect me?
  49. How can I improve my relationships?
  50. Who do I need to forgive?
  51. What 1 event am I going to tell my grandchildren about?
  52. What new things did you discover about yourself?
  53. What was the best news you got?
  54. Favorite place I visited?
  55. Who was my #1 go-to person?
  56. What new skills did I learn?
  57. Most important lesson I learned?
  58. What mental blocks did I overcome?
  59. Who were the 5 people I most enjoyed spending time with?
  60. What was my biggest breakthrough career-wise?
  61. How did relationship with family evolve?
  62. What was the favorite compliment I got?
  63. What little day-to-day things did I enjoy the most?
  64. What did I create?
  65. What was my most common mental state?
  66. Anything I did for the first time?
  67. Favorite moment with friends?
  68. Did I work on a major goal?
  69. What worries were unnecessary?
  70. What experience did I love and would want to do again?
  71. What experience did I hate and not want to do again?
  72. What was the best gift received?
  73. What was the best gift I gave?
  74. How did my overall outlook on life evolve?
  75. What was the biggest problem I solved?
  76. What was the funniest moment?
  77. What was the best purchase?
  78. What activities made me lose track of time?
  79. What did I think about more than anything else?
  80. What topics did I enjoy learning about?
  81. Did I develop any new habits?
  82. What advice would I give my early 2016 self?
  83. Did any part of my life do a 180?
  84. What or who had biggest impact?
  85. What do I want the theme to be for 2017?
  86. What do I want to see, discover, explore in 2017?
  87. Who do I want to spend more time with in 2017?
  88. What projects, things, people am I hanging on to that I could let go of in 2017?
  89. What skills do I want to learn, improve, master in 2017?
  90. What personality quality do I want to develop or strengthen in 2017?
  91. What do I want my everyday life to be like in 2017?
  92. Which habits do I want to change, cultivate, or get rid of in 2017?
  93. What do I want to achieve career wise in 2017?
  94. How do I want to remember 2017 when I look back 10/20/50 years?
  95. What is my #1 goal in 2017?
  96. What would be the stupidest thing I could do in 2017?
  97. What would be the smartest thing I could do in 2017?
  98. What do I want my top 3 values to be in 2017? How will I show them?
  99. What is my real target monthly income in 2017?
  100. What am I crazy to learn about in 2017 and how can I create my own “degree program” for it?
  101. What are 10 must-read books for 2017?
  102. What would be the funnest thing I could do in 2017?
  103. What would I do in 2017 if I knew it were my last year to live?